Shipping Prices 

China to Zimbabwe

Full payment of shipping fee should be made to facilitate shipping of goods. Shipping fee is exclusive of customs duty. Payment is sent through WeChat and Alipay money. You may also send via Paypal. Payment details will be provided on request.


(exclusive of duty)

Normal goods- 

                         1kg-44.5kg      :71 RMB per kg

                          45kg+             :69 RMB per kg

                          Brands            :Add 2rmb per kg

Phone/Liquids/ Powder

Laptop/PPE goods                  :78 RMB per kg

Prices are subject to change. Please inquire if there are changes


Minimum chargeable volume is 0.1cbm

0.1 - 9.9cbm    : 285USD/1866RMB

5 - 9.99cbm     : 275USD/1801RMB

10 - 19.9cbm   : 260USD/1703RMB

20+                  : 250USD/1637.5RMB

PPE                  : 280USD/1866RMB

Shipping fee is calculated based on the cubic meters (cbm) goods occupy. One cbm is calculated as 1mx1mx1m (length x width x height). 

Shipping fee is calculated pro-rata; suppose you have 0.6cbm (0.6x285/1866) or 8.3cbm (8.3x275/1081) and so on.

Prices are subject to change. Please inquire if there are changes

Please use the CBM Calculator to estimate your consignment weight and volume.

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Taffy Zivengwa

You guys offer the best price ever and love the fact that you really love to see others grow. Your team work is amazing. You pushed and encouraged me, l am glad i was part of ZW Sea Shakers 2 which prompted me to register a new company. 


You have been a great team to work with. At first i misunderstood and we had a misunderstanding fortunately Thelma knows how to handle pressure and anger she resolved my issue amicably.  Up to now Beyond Boarders is my best shipping company.


I have never been happier munondigonera guys.


Thank you BBL you are the plug.  I remember the phone call from Thelma, ''Start with what you have''. Don't hesitate to lead the people. I'm enjoying every bit of it. I believe with your guidance i will reach great heights. God bless you and your family.