Do you ship from China?

Yes we do. Beyond Borders Logistics is a registered company under KoSo Incorporated Private Limited. Currently we offer shipping, clearing & freight forwarding services. We mainly facilitate for imports. We are also able to ship global from China provided the minimum required kgs are met. Goods can be sent via air or sea cargo. Moreover, we teach how to shop & ship online in China from anywhere in the world. We are also able to clear goods sent from any other destination. For Zimbabwe, our shipments are predominantly groupage, however we may cater for individual shipments. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions page for more information T & C Apply

What is your address and how do i label my package?

If you are buying from a supplier or through a shopper use the Chinese address. If your buying from Alibaba or Aliexpress use the English address. Copy the address as it is but edit to put your name and phone number. Put a label (shipping mark) on your parcel. Shipping mark example: Don Brown +263111222444 Air Cargo (If its sea indicate Sea Cargo) Please put the details of the person responsible for the logistics (payments and receiving updates) so that we are able to communicate effectively. AIR CARGO Warehouse address 名字:ZW (your name+phone number) Tel: 19806426254 广州市白云区均禾街平沙大山工业区大山路9号A栋A1 MKBBL空仓 MKBBL AIR WAREHOUSE Building A, No. 9, Dashan Road, Dashan Industrial Zone, Pingsha, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Zipcode:510440 SEA CARGO Warehouse address 名字:ZW (your name+phone number) Tel: 19806426254 广州市白云区均禾街平沙大山工业区大山路9号A栋A1 MKBBL海仓 MKBBL SEA WAREHOUSE Building A, No. 9, Dashan Road, Dashan Industrial Zone, Pingsha, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Zipcode:510440 Emphasise to shopper or supplier to put shipping mark. Please also ask supplier to show you the package and tracking slip before they send goods so that you confirm if they have been labelled correctly. Please note that the Terms & Conditions are binding once you send your goods to the warehouse.

Do you inform me when the parcel has arrived at the warehouse?

A service agent will contact you within 48 hours after the parcel has arrived provided that the parcel is clearly labelled your name and phone number. The service agent will provide a debit note which indicates chargeable weight or cubic metres, consignment date, parcel number, freight cost and payment details. If your parcel is not properly labelled, that is, if it is missing your phone number, the service agent will not be able to contact you. If you have confirmation that your parcel arrived but a service agent has not yet contacted you yet, you are welcome to contact Mandy +8613970382526 or Jolin +8613719258125 T&C Apply

Do you offer shopping services?

Yes we do offer shopping services. Please contact Yuki +8618819274320 on WhatsApp or WeChat The shopping service charge is 5% of the order cost.

Do you give contacts of reliable suppliers or search products for me?

Option 1: If we have contacts of verified suppliers for the goods you are looking for we will share the contacts Option 2: You can talk to our shoppers to help search for the goods Option 3: We can teach you how to search for products and suppliers and shop. We have team leaders ready to assist at an investment fee of USD$10. Once you become a part of our community you will benefit from the groups which we will add you to where people share experiences, links and contacts of suppliers.

How much is air shipping?

(Shipping Price only) Normal goods- 1kg - 44.5kg : 68RMB per kg 45kg - 99.5kg : 66RMB per kg Liquids : 75RMB per kg Laptops (tablets) : 75RMB per kg Phones : 75RMB per piece Medial Supplies & PPE : 75RMB per kg Brands: Additional 2rmb per kg NB: We dont ship powerbanks, perfumes, oils & nail polish or gels by air For liquids, PPE and medical supplies that can be shipped by air, client should be able to provide a Material Safety Data Sheet certificate. The supplier facilitates this document. Please enquire if you are not sure about what you want to have shipped. Prices are subject to change T & C Apply

How long does air shipping take?

All things being constant 7-12 days. However, we are going through a global pandemic delays may be experienced. Please bear with us when this happens. We will not be able to institute refunds in case of flight delays or natural disasters. We will also advise on the best shipping route for certain products especially goods that contain batteries & liquids.

What are your shipping days for both air and sea cargo?

Air cargo ise shipped every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Please arrange that your goods arrive a day before shipping day to avoid inconvenience. For sea cargo we load 2-4 containers per month. However, because of high demand for containers we are not able to provide specific dates. We rely on the shipping line to avail the next available container.

Do you charge volume?

Yes, we charge actual weight or volume whichever is higher. We also round off kgs to cater for packaging volume. For example 5.3kg will be rounded off to 5.5kg or 10.8kg will be rounded off to 11kg

How much is duty for air cargo?

Normal + brand goods USD$6 per kg Liquids USD$8 per kg Phones USD $10 per piece Laptops USD$15 per piece Please consult us if your goods do not fall under these categories T & C Apply

Can I send many parcels from different suppliers?

Yes you may send packages from different suppliers. When all your goods have arrived, they will be consolidated into one parcel. Record and safely keep all the information of your several parcels, that is, tracking number, items bought, quantities and weight of goods. T & C Apply

How do I make shipping payments?

Shipping fee can be paid directly to the forwarding partner in China. You pay through WeChat or Alipay money or via Paypal. Alternatively you can pay on collection through the Harare office if you have no access to RMB. T & Cs Apply

How do i track my parcel?

Currenly, the Cargo Handling Harare Office sends updates through WhatsApp broadcast messages. To receive broadcast messages you need to have the Cargo Handling WhatsApp number saved. If you are not receiving updates you need to inform us urgently on +263 716 153467 T & C Apply

How do I pay duty?

Duty can be paid in RMB/USD/Ecocash/ZIPIT. The payment details will be provided by the Cargo Handling & Finance Office in Harare. You will also be required to pay USD$1 handling fee per consignment. Duty may be paid on collection. However you must collect goods within three days after you have been notified that goods are ready for collection. From the 4th day storage costs will start to apply. The storage charge is $36usd per day. Contact Cargo Handling Office on +263716153467 for further assistance. T & C Apply

Where do I collect my goods from?

Collection is from our offices in Hatfield Harare. Please visit the Contact Us page for the full address.

Do you deliver door to door?

Yes we deliver goods door to door. However, delievery charges will apply. We also offer intercity deliveries. Please contact TSOKA on +263780579994 for delivery services. T & C Apply

How much is sea shipping?

Price per cubic meter (cbm) excluding duty 0.1 - 4.99cbm : 285USD/1866RMB 5 - 9.99cbm : 275USD/1801RMB 10 - 19.9cbm : 260USD/1703RMB 20+ cbm : 250USD/1637RMB PPE goods : 280USD/1866RMB We load 2-4 containers every month. For sea shipping we use cubic meters (cbm) for measuring goods and charging freight. Once cubic is measured as 1mx1mx1m. We do accept goods less than 1cbm. Heavy goods like floor tiles, ceramics, machinery will be weighted; 500kg = 1cbm. Please check how you will be charged before sending goods if you suspect that your goods are heavy. To calculate or estimate your cbm please visit Duration: 45 - 65 days to arrive in Harare. However delays may be experienced. Shipping fee must be paid before goods are loaded. Please submit your packing list and invoice before goods are loaded. How to calculate shipping cost: Example: There is 0.09 or 1.2cbm or 13.8cbm Shipping fee will be: 1. 0.09 = 186.6RMB (minumum chargeable volume) 2. 1.2x1866=2239.2RMB 3. 13.8x1703=23,501.4RMB Important: Please submit packing list and invoice (PLI) before goods are loaded. T & C Apply

How much is duty for sea shipping?

Kindly contact the Cargo Handling and Finance office for duty quote. Please take note that certain goods have combination duty and also others require CBCA,permits and import licences. We encourage clients to consult us before sending goods for shipping as it is the client's responsiblity to know if they have special goods. T & C Apply

How long does sea shipping take?

Shipping takes 45 - 65 days to arrive in Harare. Kindly note that delays may be experienced due to a number of factors. We are constantly updating consignees on the movement of their cargo.

What is required to collect goods?

For sucurity purposes you are required to provide the following: 1. Parcel tracking number (s) 2. Customer ID 3. National Identification card or Passport 4. Only one person may collect goods sent in one name 5. Wear a mask T & C Apply

What about duty for sea shipping?

Duty for general goods is USD$220 per cbm. An additional $10 handling fee is charged per consignee. All goods loaded in a Less than Container (LCL) or Groupage container pays duty. There are special goods which attract additional duty such as shoes, clothes, suitcases and many more. There are also goods that require import licences and CBCA such as refridgerators, lotions, ice making machines, bags and many other goods. Please consult us before sending goods to the warehouse to check if your goods are special goods T & C Apply

Can i pay on collection?

Yes, for air cargo consigments only you can pay shipping and duty on collection at prevailing rate. Collections are done within 3 days after client is informed that goods are ready for collection. T & Cs Apply

Do you have minimum weight requirement for air shipping?

Yes, the minimum chargeable weight is 1kg. This means that any package that is less than 1kg will be charged as 1kg T & C Apply

Do you have minimum cbm requirement for sea shipping?

Yes, the minimum chargeable cbm is 0.1cbm. This means that any package that is less than 0.1cbm will be will be charged as 0.1cbm T & C Apply